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Do you need to construct offices, a shop or school reliably, fast and in a high quality, or are you dealing with an atypical or special project?

Basically, it is possible to construct anything from living and sanitary containers and PEGAS CONTAINER modules. The module or modular system of construction is like a construction kit where you work with any size of containers and modular buildings fully adapted to the customers’ requirements and wishes. You can find our modular buildings in all European countries as well as in America, Asia, Africa and Australia.


The biggest advantages of buildings made from the living and sanitary modules are:

  • Speed of construction at any time of the year
  • Lower acquisition costs compared to a typical construction
  • High design quality and variability system
  • Mobility of constructions – a building can be disassembled and transferred to another place or it can be supplemented by other modules or elements.

The modular buildings concept leaves a great deal of room for the plentiful variants of individual requirements and modern style, and is suitable for temporary and permanent buildings. Production technology goes hand in hand with the newest trends in exterior and interior solutions, it emphasises energy saving solutions for construction, and is also able to grow together with you by extending the construction through new modules. It is possible to put together sets with unlimited sizes and possibilities meeting all the European standards.

Examples of the versatile use of the modular constructions:

  • Administrative buildings, offices, company seats
  • Schools, kindergartens, hostels, halls of residence
  • Detached and garden houses, cottages
  • Leisure and sanitary facilities in family parks, amusement centres and zoos
  • Shops and mobile stands
  • Restaurants, eateries, kitchens and fast food restaurants
  • Auto services and facilities for car washes, production and service workshops
  • Gatehouses, garages
  • Gymnasiums, changing rooms and facilities for sports grounds
  • Mobile facilities for construction sites
  • Warehouses

All materials used for the containers and modular construction production are certified according to the relevant standards effective in the relevant countries.

pdfSALES - Living and sanitary containers catalogue 2013 (1,85 MB PDF)

pdfSALES - Technical description of living container with standard design (158,25 kB PDF)




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