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  • Delivery and transportation of the subject of the lease to/from the destination is provided by the lessor unless the parties agree otherwise. Costs related to delivering and returning the subject of the contract to the destination and back to the lessor’s seat or plant, crane handling, possible assembly and disassembly and final cleaning of containers will be charged to the lessee’s account.
  • In connection with the above, the lessee shall immediately inform the lessor of important changes which could affect the existing conditions agreed for the lease, in particular about the place of delivery of the subject of the lease. In case of a lease abroad, the lessee is not allowed to change the destination for a container deliberately. If outside conditions force him to take such step, he shall inform the lessor of this fact in writing immediately.
  • The lessee shall arrange space for unloading or loading the containers at the destination.
  • If the lessee organizes delivery or transport of the subject of the lease, the lessor is not responsible for late delivery or transport of the subject of the lease and the lessee commits to arrange professional uploading and unloading of the subject. Possible expenses related to unprofessional handling of the subject of the lease will be charged to the lessee’s account.
  • The lessee shall check subjects delivered by a forwarding agency immediately upon delivery to the destination and document any defects in writing. If such defects and damages are not documented in writing and there is no proof of damage caused by transportation, all costs will be charged to the lessee’s account.



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