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  • Container must be placed in a prearranged place. In case of change to place of placement the lessee shall inform the lesser of this fact in writing in advance (fax, e-mail).
  • Container must not be part of a building, and after the lease ends it must be separable.
  • Identification plates must not be removed from container and they must be legible at all times.
  • Container must not be modified in terms of design without written agreement of the lessor.
  • Interference with container’s load-bearing structure is not permitted.
  • Interference with container’s wiring is not permitted.
  • Container must not be transferred to a third party without previous written agreement of lessor.
  • Container must be accessible to lessor at any time.
  • Container roof must not be burdened in any way (it is not designated for storage of material).
  • After the period of lease, a must be handed over to lessor in state corresponding to usual wear and tear.
  • Septic tank must be emptied and cleaned at end of lease and before it is returned to the lessor. Otherwise expenses related to emptying and cleaning septic tank will be charged to lessee.



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