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The new multifunctional training complex for professional fire-fighters of The Zlín region

One of the "pain" of professional fire-fighters of the Zlín Region in the past was the lack of modern equipment and comprehensive training facility. Mostly they had to use private training facilities and equipment, or training area of the adjacent counties. It caused professional firefighters lot of difficulties and problems.

 It can be said that the new multi-functional training complex solved these problems once and for all. One of the dominant element of this complex is PEGAS CONTAINER modular building.

The entire facility offers totally unique, modern and multi-functional equipment for training as firefighters as another parts of the integrated rescue system...

(Source: http://archiv2.hzszlk.eu/clanek/3370/novy-vycvikovy-a-sportovni-areal-vstoupil-oficialne-do-sluzby/)


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