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Rental containers, toilets and accessories

If your rental requirements include; living accommodation, sanitary, storage containers, mobile toilets and fences our partner company, Alfa Container Rent Ltd, will meet all your needs. We believe that you will find this new arrangement beneficial and we look forward to many more years of successful cooperation.

We have rental depots located in Prague, Plzeň and Zádveřice u Zlína. These locations ensure that we cover the entire territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Just choose, we offer rental:

  • containers
  • mobile toilets
  • fences and accessories

At our extensive rental park we have almost 900 residential, office, sanitary and storage containers of various types and sizes. Our rental specialists will be happy to help you find the right solution for you. From individual containers to large-scale projects, ALFA Container rent Ltd., containers are ready for immediate use (electrical installation, electric heating, lighting, sockets, switches) as separate residential or sanitary units (sanitary equipment, water distribution, waste).

The containers can be interconnected with external connecting cables and arranged in assemblies or modular combinations. The high-quality and solid frames allows the construction of two-storey buildings. We also offer a variety of accessories and equipment - mobile toilets, fences, stairs, landings, air conditioning, furniture, septic tanks, etc.

Rental of our containers, mobile toilets and accessories represents a cost-effective, flexible and fast solution for temporary storage, office and accommodation and sanitary spaces.

At short notice we can arrange for you:

  • construction site or cultural event equipment,
  • workshop, warehouse
  • temporary residential and office space,
  • rental of mobile toilets
  • sale of new and used mobile toilets
  • concierge, locker rooms and even
  • a garden house or cottage

We provide a comprehensive service including:

  • non-binding price offer
  • consultations, incl. drawing of any assembly
  • transport (solo, set, car with and without hydraulic arm)
  • assembly
  • container furnishings including tables, chairs,
  • cabinets, grilles, air conditioning units, septic tanks, etc.
  • service, installation, regular cleaning and
  • disinfection of the mobile toilet
  • biological treatment of waste from mobile toilets
  • toilet paper and basic urinal equipment


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