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Storage and ship containers

STORAGE CONTAINERS are convenient for STORING or TRANSPORTING tools, equipment or different types of material. 

They are designed for a high load and can be moved easily by a lift truck or crane. They comply with strict international standards. Empty storage containers can be stacked so they occupy only a small space. The door’s solid structure protects a container from forced entry. A safety flap, which prevents the lock from breaking, is an important passive safety element.

In our range you can also find ship containers with a valid CSC Certificate after one journey which are remarkable for their technical parameters (loading capacity, resistance to the weather conditions, mainly resistance to water, etc.).

Ship containers are not new and may bear signs of use, but they are always "ISO containers", i.e. a guarantee of all properties in terms of material strength, colors used, load capacity, floor composition of a classic sea container, which are subject to the highest demands. These containers are sold significantly cheaper, i.e. by 30-50% compared to the price of a new sea container.



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